23 juin 2010

Internet gambling has become the industry chain

First of all,cheap jordan shoes for sale, how to define standards for online games hidden gambling is not very clear, a lot of jordan shoes for sale which is difficult to be brought to justice. Therefore, the standard gamble online games hidden, scope, form of gambling money, should profit purpose, time and space are clearly defined. Second, with online games hidden gambling gambling money the increase, the number of participants increase and increasing influence, criminal punishment should be greater efforts, based on the existing efforts need to Christian Louboutin, extended sentencing time, to deter criminals. again, communications authorities should improve the operation of the Internet services unit of monitoring measures to detect and block problem sites investigated for the problem site operators to provide telecommunications services; network buy wow gold should strengthen site management, prohibit gambling site access services. In the gambling money in the circulation of the relevant financial departments have the responsibility of the unusually large flow of funds for supervision.

Related: Hangzhou cracked the case of a major cross-border Internet gambling and the amount involved in the rapid spread over 300 000 000 Internet gambling was four characteristics of several hundred billion a year outside the Ministry of MBT Shoes announced the loss of a number of typical Internet gambling illegal and criminal cases recent years, gambling games on the network news, never stop, Tencent, winger and a number of gambling online games have been a phenomenon of explosion, then how best to combat Internet gambling games, online games space norms. In response, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Network Outlines Legal Research Center pointed out in the media: standard operating behavior of online game industry, to prevent hidden juicy couture swimwear, prevention and justice in taking technology to combat such measures, should complete the following as soon as possible laws and regulations: to confirm there 66w Government departments for the record, the record's login information check the Ministry of Industry Centre, found that 66w is in June 2009 approved, registration is the individual, but the link in the page the way 66w, 66w into a company, the site content is not approved specific labeling. Web scarf address displayed in Huzhou, Zhejiang, and only 400 customer service phone number and QQ, there is no fixed telephone company has no address. In accordance with relevant laws and regulations, to top up online games services companies, is required to have value-added telecommunications business license, but not 66w.

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