23 juin 2010

Replica Handbags and Hermes jewelry

PRC Metro Line 6 percussion Lane station in South and 8 lines to achieve a one-way transfer the same stage, the direction of East Third Ring Road from Huilongguan to transfer will be very convenient. reporter learned from the Beijing Urban Construction tiffany and co,Tiffany & Co, according to research, Line 6 and Line 8 is completed,Christian Louboutin Pumps, the direction of the East Third Ring Road from the direction of Huilongguan passenger traffic is up, so the design includes a single transfer to the same table, including transfer programs, while the opposite direction of the transfer because the passenger traffic is expected to lower the channel transfer of conventional design program. under construction Metro Line 6 is an east-west traffic artery, on the 8th line is a chi. Percussion Lane station in the South, as the 8th line from the north-south east-west turning a bend, and on the 6th line “accidental” in the same direction parallel to achieve, so have the conditions with the transfer station. order to save an area of the South drum Lane Station Line 6 and Line 8 of the two tunnels are on the look of a “pile” with the construction, meaning that four tunnels is divided into two tiers, 6 line and 8 lines have a tunnel to the “top line opposite direction to transfer,louis vuitton shoes, you need to transfer from the station platform 8, the lower line of the road north, although it can not transfer the same table, but can be achieved through vertical transfer escalator, walking very short distances .

PRC Tsinghua University in Beijing this year, the enrollment policy to maintain the basic stability of the scale and,christian louboutin sale, in principle, not to mention file after the reverse gear, and is expected to achieve voluntary “zero” the swap, which means that buy wow gold to meet the rate of 100 percent. last night, Chien-Meng Qinghua University Admissions Director Admissions Director of the Chinese People’s University, guest of Li Beijing newscasts forward “face to face education” program, introduced in this year’s admissions policies. Qian Meng Qinghua University Admissions Officers, said the specific plan to be unveiled in mid-April, cheap nfl jerseys, but the Tsinghua University in Beijing, the enrollment size and the policy will remain stable. Tsinghua will increase this year, Life Science Medical Pharmaceutical experimental classes and two new professional psychology, in addition to targeted health and national defense, other professionals all run for Beijing, in principle, not to mention file reverse gear. introduced,Aigner, according to Meng Qian, Tsinghua University for the year to do volunteer to meet the rate of 100 percent, for “zero” Christian Louboutin. Tsinghua is still not taking this professional Division of Arts and restrictions. According to the situation last year, ranking 1000 in Beijing, the former science students have admitted to Tsinghua strength. Tsinghua University on the 18th Open Day will be held on campus.

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